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Бизнес развитие & Инвестиции

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   - Innoled - InnoLED is a supplier of high quality LED luminaries and custom control systems. We also provide full portfolio of services, such as site visits, calculations and simulations of the needed lighting, consultations for the most appropriate lighting for you, delivery, installation and after-sales service.


   - BGMenu - доставка на храна, която предлага своите услуги в България и Румъния.


   - Adtrade Bulgaria - AdTrader provides complete services for advertising agencies and uniquely responds to their RTB, direct inventory, and creative needs. Monetize every aspect to publisher inventory with the power and versatility of programmatic, while taking full advantage of publisher personalized approach and tailored optimization support.


   - Freshbreak - верига ресторанти за бързо хранене, предлагащи само органична храна.


   - PV Home is an innovative research, design and construction company specialized in the energy efficiancy construction industry. The company is building high performance and well insulated buildings effectively and efficiently.


 - Dimsol - 2,8 MW solar power plant, which PV has developed, financed, construct and put in operation in 2012. The company sold the solar plant in 2017 to one of its clients, who operates such entities all over Bulgaria.


 - Wega power - Българска технологична старт ъп компания, targeting the renewable energy market. The company is delivering clean energy solutions to small and medium size business and retail customers. The company products are highly effective and innovative exploring unique design features.


  - Prismos - IT компания, произвеждаща приложения за автомобилна диагностика и сервизно обслужване.

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