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We have 143 realised projects in 3 continents with total installed power 723910 [kWp]:

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Future projects

  PV Consult has been developing solar and wind power projects for three years in emerging markets. The company is currently working on projects in Morocco, Albania, Romania, Ukraine and other, in partnership with local market participants. Prior to entering a specific country, the management of the company researches the legal framework, energy market, carries out economic, political and risk analyses and carefully selects its partners. Until now the company has several developed projects in Albania, Romania, Morocco and Ukraine and expects to secure projects in Macedonia, Serbia and South Africa in the near future.

These are the investments in the following countries:


  Only companies registered in the country can develop and invest in renewable energy projects; Permits to join the national electrical network are issued; Developers have the right to supply the domestic market and to export electricity.


  Energy trade is liberalized allowing producers to sell electricity to all markets.
Since 10th May 2013 a new Renewable Energy Law has been implemented
  • - Regulation allows the construction of high number of various renewable energy facilities;
  • - Renewable energy prices are to remain constant for 25 years.
Licenses are required for each additional power source producing renewable energy

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